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About Me

Picture of Thomas Shipley
Me at the internal Xbox One Launch @ Microsoft UK

My name is Thomas Shipley and here I write about problems and interesting things I encounter in my exploration of coding, technology and work.

My first language was C# which I currently work in as well as Java. I have also worked in PHP, Python and dabbled in other languages like Ruby, C and Go.

I currently work at Just Eat as a Senior Test Automation Engineer, working on improving the quality of their software across Web, Android and iOS devices.

Other interesting work before Just Eat includes working at New Orbit as a Web Application Engineer. My experience as a tester includes working at DataSift on a big data platform, Numero testing a machine learning application for call centre agents and contracting at Microsoft on the Forza Horizon 2 project focusing on testing performance.

Forza Horizon 2 Credits
Credits from Forza Horizon 2

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